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 1.  Springdale Pri Open House (Thu, 2 Jul 15).

      The school will not longer be accepting

      registration for the open house to

      ensure minimal disruption to our daily

      lessons. Please refer to the school

      website for information about the school.

      Thank you for your interest.

  2. MOE Kindergarten @ Springdale - link

  2. Good Morning, Cher!

      50 years of classroom memories. Click

      on the link or poster.

  3. Springdale Pri SG50 Countdown Video

      View the video.

Resources for Parents 8 May 15
MOE Kindergarten @Springdale 26 Jun 15
New Bookshop Vendor 26 Jun 15
Letters to Parents 18 May 15
School Event and Celebration 18 May 15
Travel Declaration Online

Contact Information:

Add: 71 Anchorvale Link Singapore 544799

Contact Tel: 63157600   Fax: 63153351 

Email: springdale_ps@moe.edu.sg